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Meet Mary

Soldier. Technology Expert. Leader.

Mary West is a Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives District 7.

Mary is the CEO of QAP Centric Corporation, a regulatory compliance and information technology company serving health-life sciences manufacturers.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, Mary worked in association management and government relations for legal, healthcare, insurance, banking, higher education, and Christian concerns.

Mary enlisted in the Army in her mid-20s, beginning her service as a military police paralegal with the Georgia Army National Guard. When she reached the rank of Sergeant, Mary attended Officer Candidate School. Mary served as an officer in communications-electronics, and in nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare. She was honorably discharged with ten years of service and rank of Captain.

My specific military and legislative service with my proven policy-making track record make me the only candidate in this race with the experience, knowledge, and ability required to address our current security issues.

Mary and her young family moved to Norcross. Norcross began to change rapidly. Crime and gang activity escalated, causing many friends and neighbors to move. Mary and her husband chose to stay and fight. Mary ran for the Georgia State House against an entrenched incumbent and won. She served two terms in the House and a term in the State Senate, completing her district’s agenda and term-limited herself.

Mary then raised her children, packed lunches, cooked dinners, and drove a lot. Over the next fifteen years her work transitioned from law and regulatory affairs to self-insured health benefits, first in sales then as an association director. For the last decade, Mary has been working in regulatory compliance, information technology, and technology security.

Mary and her husband, Tom, have four children and many dogs.

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