Mary’s battle plan for

Securing America

Border Security

  • Finish the southern border wall
  • Station federal troops at unsecured border locations and access points
  • Arrest and prosecute traffickers
  • Do not cage or imprison children

Computer & Technology Security

  • Build a firewall for all federal agency software and hardware
  • Cease federal contracting with software vendors that do not support their application for the life of use or those who fail to agree to in-house updates
  • Remove the Communications Decency Act Section 230 immunity from website platforms behaving as common carriers and update this outmodel Act

Energy Security

  • Maintain to capacity U.S. strategic gas and oil reserves
  • Activate all domestic gas and oil fields
  • Build nuclear power stations
  • Innovate nuclear reactor waste solutions

Domestic Security

  • Stop the make-it-up-as-you-go COVID and disease responses
  • Prepare for the future by creating and implementing realistic disease outbreak plans
  • Educate all our children regardless of teachers’ union and federal government interference
  • Repatriate to the U.S. mining, manufacturing, technology sourcing, and as much of the global supply chain as possible
  • No federalization of gun control – no federal gun registration
  • Let businesses get back to work

Foreign Security

  • Draw a line in the sand with aggressor nations and shove them back across it
  • Return to foreign actor deterrence policy – devolving from this has made the U.S. act weak and appear weaker
  • Update and rebuild maritime forces: double Navy fleet and quadruple Coast Guard icebreaker fleet
  • Exit the United Nations and establish the Organization of Peaceful Nations